Once stretched along banks of the Nile from north of Sudan to south of Egypt; A cradle to one of the earliest civilisations in ancient Egypt and Africa.

Now most of Nubian lands are submerged in water.

Those Who Stayed


is a documetary project made with the comunity of Heissa: The last inhabited island that remained of ancestral land of Nubia in south of Egypt, after much of Nubian villages that once flourished along banks of the Nile river were flooded by construction of Aswan High Dam in 1960s. It’s a project that sheds light on the only Nubians who still live in their ancestral land. Nubian culture is seeing a decline ignited by flooding of the land that ensued the construction of AHD and forced displacement of its members, in tens of thousands at the time, and thus the slow perish of its language, only viable enough to make it an exotic tongue for many others who seek to study it.

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